2D shapes with Urho3D

Is it possible to create 2D rounded shapes then animate the point’s shape.
or if possible to morph a polygon into another.
Also does it support boolean operation on 2D shapes.
if not can Is possible to achieve this in 3D with 2D shapes.


I think you need other library instead of Urho, if you want to achieve your goal faster.

To create rounded shapes I guess you need some kind of Bézier curves, or a some kind of polygon with a lot of vertices to make it rounded (a lot of workaround could be used to achieve that).
And yes, you can morph a polygon into another with help of custom geometry / morph animations.
Can you describe what do you want to achieve, may be there is others method to do what you want?

Thanks for your replies.
My goal is to create an open source and cross platform 2D & 3D design app with Urho3D.
Dunno if it’s possible

Look into CSG - definitely possible on the 3D/ Bullet physics side, and I have done similar things under Box2D as well.