3D action and puzzle video game series - Edge of Time

Hey folks! Proudly made with Urho3D with the help of Blender, LMMS and GIMP. Coming soon to Kickstarter this 2018.

Edge of Time is a 3D action and puzzle video game series. Episode 1 - Rise of the Aeus is about a group of Resistance soldiers who search for the rumored Shard with the power to save humanity from a horde of immortal monsters.

Trailer: http://bit.ly/2stl07m
The free demo is now available on itch (http://bit.ly/2JrcmA0) and gamejolt (http://bit.ly/2surjaX)

What do you guys think about the game? :slight_smile:


Really nice trailer and the game looks good too.
I must say I’m a bit disappointed that - with all the open source software you’re using - the free demo isn’t available for Linux. :slight_smile:

Looks nice, played a bit and the movement / animation is very smooth. Though I noticed the maps were rather small at least in the beginning. I guess it’s a principle thing to use open source, but have you estimated or thought about how much faster you could have done the game with e.g. Unity?

@Modanung - We’re using Windows, but I’ll make sure to update here whenever a Linux port became available :slight_smile:

@cadaver - I can’t believe the author of Urho3D saw my post :smiley: Maps are small because our game was influenced by the era of PS1 and PS2 games. I’m open to porting the game to other engine but the lightness of Urho3D really made developing Edge of Time relatively easy. Is there a way to get our game to the news section or in the home page of urho? I’d love to share what Urho3D and other open source software can accomplish!


Yep, I’m sure Urho3D lets you structure your game code more to your liking, compared to heavier engines!

I’m no longer active in the project, but @weitjong has been adding showcase posts to the site recently (e.g. Hellbreaker)

Just PM me the texts and materials (screenshot and video clips) that you want to include in the post.

@cadaver - I really like the vision of Urho3D to remain lightweight. Thanks for creating Urho3D :slight_smile:

@weitjong - PM sent! Thanks for your support! :smiley:

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Really nicely done. Just two remarks:

  • combats can become more annoying then fun (the enemy that was spawning spikes from ground was just too much for me)
  • think about adding ability to skip/speed up dialogues and intro.

Other then that, game crashed once in the scene behind upper-left doors that are opended by the monk statues (log printed: ERROR: Could not find resource c-mab; ERROR: Could not find resource c-mab; ERROR: Could not find resource d-bjj). It was only one time, after reloading everything worked fine.

@lezak Thanks for playing Edge of Time and for your feedback / suggestions. We’re updating the game to make the combat more accessible. Did you get to the end of the game?

Thanks for finding that bug! :smiley: