3D fractals demo


Nice. What kind of monsters are going to put in there?


don’t know yet. Will see. It won’t be a shooting gallery though.


What about the dreaded l-system monster?

(the monster in a rare shot)

The foul creature is renowned to live in such abysses like the ones you depicted. It feeds on unfortunate travelers looking for uncommon sources.
It is made of crystal/rocky (ehr, boxes is this shot) formations which can take the shape of many things like, obviously, different fractals kind.
You only need a formula, a fractal shape (which you substitute for the boxes), a auto-generated skeleton for movement, placement in sentive context.

(matrices paths for object substitution and skeletonizing)

Easy creation with Sverchok generative design in Blender:

just substitute Box for whatever

get the blend

A heightened study on the subject: LTM notes by Elfnor


I wrote a devlog-story. It is mostly about graphics features and visuals.


@Bananaft, Your journey is as impressive as your game. It has to be one of the most incredible aesthetics I ever saw in a game, ever. It instantly reminded me of Ant-man’s Quantum realm, or Dr. Strange’s Multiverse, or Interstellar’s Tesseract and even 2001: A Space Odyssey’s space journey ending scene. Thanks so much for sharing that, it’s fascinating to witness it. If you have not already, consider also submitting it to Steam or GOG, the game has such a wow effect it could be a major hit.


Thank you. My plan is to first try it at small platform like itch or humblewidget and then move to big ones.