3D Model Sales

As Urho3D becomes more popular, it’s going to need more subforums (at least an art subforum). I’m going to use this thread to showcase 3D models in blender/urho format. Posts of sales from other users are welcome.


Well, I read and reread our forum rules. I am not sure how to make up my mind on this one. I agree on that we may need to discuss whether we will open a new forum for artists to show off their work. But until then, please refrain to irritate others with unsolicited ads.

Artist forum for discussing creation / importing / exporting / troubleshooting and sharing (free) art would be OK IMO. I don’t think including a ready-made Urho3D export justifies advertising for-sale content here.

You hear what the boss has said. :wink:
This topic will be kept in this forum so others can read it, but the topic is locked now.