3D Model to Urho3D importing process?


Sorry if this has been answered before but searching for “modeling” or “software model” didn’t turn up anything from what I read over…

Here is the pipeline I have used for years with other engines:

Using FBX, MS3D, B3D, DAE, BHV file formats for my animations and models:
1: get/create animations and/or create from scratch 3d models in fragMotion
2: export from fragmotion to ultimate unwrap3d pro ( using ms3d or b3d format )
3: setup my textures exactly the way I like
4: export in .FBX or .DAE format from unwrap3d
5: use other engine’s “importing/converting programs” to import and convert to the file from .FBX to other format for the engine to use

How to get models ( and/or .BVH animations ) imported/converted to Urho3D ?

I am looking for a good affordable 3D Modeling program for linux/ubuntu that isn’t “blender”, no offense to blender but i prefer another software for now.
I’ve been considering AC3D but never used it before… I wish I could afford Maya but budgets, you know…

Any one have any ideas or suggestions, i would be most grateful :smiley:

Edit: Ok I got half my question found at http://urho3d.github.io/documentation/1.32/_editor_instructions.html at the bottom:
“Importing – model import will take everything in the source file (for example a Collada scene), and combine it into a single model, with possibly many subgeometries.”
“When a model is imported, it will also be instantiated into the scene as a new scene node with a StaticModel component.”
"To do the actual importing, the editor will invoke AssetImporter "

““AssetImporter”” – Is there some documentation somewhere that expains this program and it’s command line arguments or etc?

It is in the “Tools” page. urho3d.github.io/documentation/1.32/_tools.html

It is in the “Tools” page. urho3d.github.io/documentation/1.32/_tools.html[/quote]

Thanks man! :smiley: