3D rich text view

Just finished porting my rich-text view to Urho3D.

The view renders very similar to the Text3D component, however its structured as a list of subwidgets that can render a specific type - image, text, video, custom.


Interesting. It adds a lot to the UI. Nice effects!

I will probably share the code when I get it done and clean. I’ve tried keeping it clean but its a port from another project and there are leftovers from there.

Wow, this is really amazing! It would be cool to see something like this as part of standard Urho3D :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, rich text is very useful, for instance in chats…

Like to see it integrated into the main branch

Looks very good.
Don’t hesitate to share your non-perfect code. An enthused passerby might feel like polishing it, save you some time, do so in a jiffy with helpful remarks.

Almost done cleaning up the code and adding more features (line/character spacing). The rich-text view now supports different fonts. In my previous project it was able to load system fonts on Windows and Linux recognizing bold-italic fonts too…I’m not sure how this works with this project license. I’m planning more features like typewriting/morphing effect. I’m not sure if this code should go into the main branch, I consider it more like an utility project but lets see how it goes :slight_smile: I would definitely appreciate some help, so I’ll make it public asap

I was busy lately but I found some spare time to rework this. Properties needs to be exposed and the HTML parser has to be rewritten from scratch


I’m eager to try it! But where’s the link?

Sorry no link yet, just announcing my progress, I’ll commit in my repo very soon

Offtopic question - how many bones do you have on female model on your screenshot?

Can’t tell exactly, you can find it in Urho3D/Data/Models/Kachujin/

I’ve finished the markup parsing yesturday, here’s the result:

Supported tags:
  <br> - line break
  <b></b> - bold
  <i></i> - italic
  <color=#FF800000></color> - change text color, supports 24/32 bit hex and color names
  <size=14></size> - change text size in pixels
  <font=Fonts/Annonymous Pro.ttf></font> - change text font
  <img src=image.png width=320 height=240 /> - embed an image

The markup parser supports nesting, the text on above screenshot has this source:

<color=blue><color=red>red<br><color=green>green</color><br>red1</color><br>blue1<br>blue2</color><color=orange>orange</color><size=10>size=10</size><br><img src=Textures/Logo.png width=120 height=50 />123

I only need to fix the coding style to match the Urho3D conventions and I’ll PR this


Good. I see it good-looking in a ghost-in-the-shell like environment, filling out all that living wall with giant ads, you know…

…or scrolling RSS feed on the bottom of the screen with something important :wink:

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That is a good feature. Hope to see it in the main branch soon.

First commit separated from my code, expect some minor flaws and bugs, the code needs more cleanup.


Looks absolutely great ! Are there any plans for a 2d version too ?