3rd person shooter animation WIP

Animation is so hard. This sample set took me a week to do. This must be… hmm, my nth prototype but I think I finally got a game that I can make :wink:


To be fair, all animations that I stitched together are from Mixamo. And even then it still took me a week to map them onto my character, tweak, and combine into a set that you see in the vid. I still have a ton of tweaking to do, re-skin my char (and maybe my toon’s underwear don’t show when she jumps), create LOD, etc.

Not to promote anyone’s site, but if you’re a programmer and need some art, I got my toon from 3DRT.

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Excellent piece of work! It looks very responsive and you did a great job with the animation layers. Congratulations!

Thanks for kind words, burt.

New vid, testing out vertical aim animation.

Significance of this animation is that it’s driven by char’s controls.pitch_ var. It’s a layered anim with three frames, keys on arms, forearms, hands, and neck:
frame 0 - aim up
frame 1 - horizontal
frame 2 - aim down


    animCtrl_->PlayExclusive("RifleAimLY.ani", 1, false);
    animCtrl_->SetSpeed("RifleAimLY.ani", 0.0f);

    float animLen = animCtrl_->GetLength("RifleAimLY.ani");
    float pitchInv = InverseLerp(-50.0f, 50.0f, controls_.pitch_);
    animCtrl_->SetTime("RifleAimLY.ani", animLen * pitchInv);

Mehn!!! This is simply awesome :+1:

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I’m glad to see that at least four people understand what it is to have variable controlled animation.

edit: other use cases:

  • char look, left/right (similar to up/down, if you do both then one must become ADDITIVE)
  • vehicle suspension, up/down
  • vehicle steering (as in char’s hands on the steering wheel), left/right.

Do you have a demo so that we can take a look and try out? A repo would be great. Thank you for your nice work!

No demo or repo, just the video, description of the animation make up, and the code provided above. Should be easy to create your own animation sample to test.