6DoF Bullet samples

6Dof samples can be found here https://github.com/Lumak/Urho3D-Constraint6DoF

1 - ship on a rail example
2 - hoverbike


It’s been a while since I made a video and thought it might be worth making one for this.


Eh eh, it reminds me of good 'ol Battlezone

As usual , very nice demo :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like this would make a great PR.

Could this constraint also be used to prevent raycast vehicles from toppling over, btw?

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Yes, you can configure a vehicle to not turn over, and you can use it to assist in turning because bullet’s raycastvehicle has a hard time doing that at high speeds. Also, you can put wheels on that hoverbike and make it a motorcycle, although, you’ll probably have to tweak the dynamics to behave more like a motorcycle.

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Would definitely be nice to have this as part of the Engine (version 1.8 ?) and the hover demo as a sample.

Would you also be able to add the Fixed constraint, where 2 objects are stuck together, to Urho3D physics system? I think it can have its uses.

There are other Constraints that’s already implemented in Urho3D where you can stick objects together. Understanding about ERP and CFM and how they work might be helpful. I know I keep referring back to this page, http://www.ode.org/ode-latest-userguide.html#sec_3_7_0 , just to refresh my memory.

thanks lumak AAA examples, unity3d quality . …


Update hoverbike: added softpitch limit, corrected reverse direction, and changed camera functionality.

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hi @Lumak
This is great stuff. I’ve tried this but it seems there is some kind of problem. Sooner I press any key, the hoverbike is overturned. And the rail sample is not showing correctly.
I’ve use a clean build from master repo. And comment some lines in Constraint6Dof.cpp:166, because AttributeInfo dont have offset_ property. Maybe that is failing.


Nevermind, some virtuals where missing in Constraint.h :sweat_smile:

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Oh, good to hear it’s working for you. I was concerned that version 1.7 was somehow not backward compatible with the latest.