A Failed GI Project

Hey, good work on the GI project. Too bad it did not reach the finish line.
I am just curious about your Lightmapping project and cannot get it to run from editor. It always says in the LightmapSettings window, generation is disabled. Is it still work in progress?

Thanks man.
Its awesome that you know so much stuff and are willing to share it with all of us.

One thing has puzzled me in the lightmapping work. (Why) is it mandatory that the lightmaps be compiled into a PAK file? The Urho resource system itself would not differentiate between filesystem and package access. It of course prevents writing a ton of files and cluttering a directory, but there can be trouble in these cases:

  • User wants to compile the whole final project into a pak of its own, in this case pak inside pak isn’t supported
  • On Android, pak files likewise are not supported, as the project assets are rather packaged into the apk, and individual file access into a pak inside the apk would likely be suboptimal.