A simple editor in C++

Hey guys,

Another small release here. I have been playing around with creating various tools and helpers in C++. This time around we have a basic editor designed to create Mahjong tile layouts. Dynamic grid sizing and menu bar is ported from the Urho3D editor since it was originally done in Angelscript.

Since I wanted to keep things as simple and portable as possible, I used CustomGeometry for everything but the base scene. I also separated the editor away from my main project, so there shouldn’t be too much unrelated code.

Some notes:

  • Adjust grid size and layers dynamically.
  • Use CTRL + LMB to place a tile.
  • Use RMB to look around.
  • Camera is clamped to adjustable min/max area

You can get the source code here.

I have updated the editor to include the following changes:

  • Added save ability based on Urho3D editor
  • Added further tile validation
  • Fixed ability to move around tiles
  • Many bug fixes
  • Many more additions/fixes

I will probably not be updating this project anymore. The editor has gotten to the point where it will be brought over and implemented in my own project. I will likely release a full mahjong solitaire demo sometime in the near future.