A spork of Leith

You can find my latest (non code breaking, so far!) changes, all here.

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500 additions and 100 removals hardly count as a “remaster” to be honest. Half of it just a switch in the script component.

Not bashing on anything. Just calling it what it is.


I start where I started - the list of issues is huge, so far I just hit the ones that get in my face.
Given that the usual PR route was not working out for me, I created a whole new fork, so at least I have something to link back to.

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The number of changes of code in terms of code points, or lines, or whatever, is really never relevant to making positive change… I don’t think we should measure progress in these terms.
Given nobody was making advances in public, I chose to. This makes me somewhat of a target, given that I am relatively new around here, but it does not mean I am incapable of improving the status quo!

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Why not just add branches to your fork without changing the name?
And if you do insist on changing the name, may I suggest: Lathe Engine? It does fast cycles. :wink:
Also: lasse & leith == lathe

Possible logo



In the mean time we will stick with master till it dies. I might die before it does :slight_smile:

George, I plan to push changes periodically from my repo back to the master, but I won’t piecemeal issue pr for each issue anymore

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Modanung - my FireStorm engine had a more efficient approach to event delivery, and was otherwise very similar, including subsystems, components, and so on. I will consider opening the source for public derision, so we can pick out any good parts, and laugh at any bad parts, together.
Oh that’s right, I already sent you source for FS2, as part of the gpu accelerated neural ai for games thing

Oh, Modanung, I can code lathe paths in G codes, if you want to insinuate I am a knob, do so, I can code a knob and make it out of anything I care to put in the jaws of my lathe

The logo does not represent a knob, but rather a pawn: The game piece most commonly spun on a lathe.

F in the chat for our man Leith. He may have been a dick, but a community is nothing without it’s dick

Please don’t ban

This is a technical forum and we only need people who makes positive contributions or asking the right questions. Not a place for troll.