About all the drama around here

I hate to talk about this but it feels like it’s really getting out of hand. People seem to be getting very heated about what seem to me to be very minor things, and a lot of totally innocent or non-offensive replies have been getting flagged for seemingly no reason. I get that a lot of people would rather not talk about all this either, and would like to stop seeing it. I am personally one of those people, but I understand that it’s relevant to the community. If this stuff sits it just makes everyone bitter. If a member irritates you please resolve it with the directly first. I bet if that happened all of this needless drama could have been avoided.

IDK, I’m trying not to get too rambly but there’s enough drama IRL for me and it’s kinda irritating to just see this crap everywhere. I feel like we could have not gotten to this point if we all just acted like adults and communicated with each other. Maybe I’m seeing things too simply, but maybe this doesn’t HAVE to be complicated.