About all the drama around here

I hate to talk about this but it feels like it’s really getting out of hand. People seem to be getting very heated about what seem to me to be very minor things, and a lot of totally innocent or non-offensive replies have been getting flagged for seemingly no reason. I get that a lot of people would rather not talk about all this either, and would like to stop seeing it. I am personally one of those people, but I understand that it’s relevant to the community. If this stuff sits it just makes everyone bitter. If a member irritates you please resolve it with the directly first. I bet if that happened all of this needless drama could have been avoided.

IDK, I’m trying not to get too rambly but there’s enough drama IRL for me and it’s kinda irritating to just see this crap everywhere. I feel like we could have not gotten to this point if we all just acted like adults and communicated with each other. Maybe I’m seeing things too simply, but maybe this doesn’t HAVE to be complicated.

Three whole years later and the drama is getting worse. If you are in leadership here and are resorting to name calling and insults, please be better. You represent the project. You represent the community.

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As practice has shown, it is pointless to please the parasitic community. Soft leadership has created a bunch of dependents who demand from the rest that someone else do what they need. Moreover, they not only do nothing themselves, but also attack those who do not want to be their slaves.

For some reason, there are people who believe that if they use the engine without contributing to its development, they will make me or someone else happy. I don’t understand the logic behind this. If you used the engine and suddenly disappear, then it won’t affect anything at all. We have such a situation that if we remove ALL existing “community”, then this will not affect anything at all.

I don’t understand the blanket hostility to non-contributors. Isn’t the whole motivation for open source an unconditioned excitement about the prospect of people using and wanting what you made or worked on?

Ridiculous opinion. When for your work not only not a word of gratitude will be said to you, but on the contrary, everyone who doesn’t like something is in a hurry to express their criticism - this really brings a lot of joy. I’ll open your eyes - the essence of open source is to do something together. Personally, I don’t ask for thanks. I don’t need her. If you don’t like something, do it yourself and send a PR.

Putting you in any sort of leadership position was a grave mistake on the prior leadership. You aren’t even a contributor yourself, you’ve done nothing but fiddle around with ints in the main repo, you added nothing and have actually made the project actively worse. I don’t even care all that much that you are ruining the engine, but your absolutely insane behavior and poor attitude towards the community you are supposed to be fostering is making me glad I’ve stopped using Urho. Seeing as I’ll probably be banned after I press send, I would like to wish all the community members I’ll never talk to again good luck, I hope y’all find decent leadership someday.

Should I be upset that you stopped using the engine or what? I have repeatedly written that the departure of idlers does not change anything. Why do you create whining threads here then? You as a valuable “developer” do not even understand that without constant effort, the old code just will not compile in the new environment.

@1vanK, I get that it can really be a serious pain trying to maintain a project while people who don’t contribute are constantly making demands and bringing criticism. It is unfortunate that’s how things are and I partly get your frustration.

But which medium size to large open source project does not have these issues?


It’s everywhere, it is the pattern, it’s the consequence of a project being open source and also being attractive to people (indie devs at least). Some other projects have it worse.

What makes a difference is how the leadership of these projects handle the situation. Making comments that are anti-community or anti- noncontributors is not really healthy for a project and has the chance of affecting the likelyhood that contributors will come onboard.

I might assume that part of why this may be frustrating for you is that there are areas of the engine that are not maintained anymore or need work to be done. We could outline those areas and have them in a thread pinned to home page of this forum or in the github repo README.

I believe that if the state of Urho3D is no longer healthy or is now frustrating, “fighting” the community and non-contributors wouldn’t do it any good. What might work is if we start discussions on how to resurrect the dead fish. It might fail, but it’s worth the try.

I don’t fight the community. I do my part and send those slackers who try to criticize me. A 100,000th attempt to organize labor will not yield anything. Who will work?

I didn’t choose my leadership role. I’m just the only one who does anything. And I won’t listen to those who don’t contribute.

We might never know until it’s actually done

Believe me that there might be people who would want to contribute but don’t know how to go about it or even if their contribution is relevant. We are definitely not here to babysit anyone, but a little guide and pointing in the right direction can go a long way. So yes, there are people who will want to work, the least we can do is provide enabling environment.

We can bring Urho3D back to health and vigor if we decide to.

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Is that better off for the project?

Thanks for the great motivational speech. By the way, when will you send any pull request?

As soon as I see a bug I can fix on an area I can contribute to, otherwise I wouldn’t just raise a pull request for the fun of it.

It is logical that you can send a pull request only in the area in which you are competent. Judging by the fact that you are trying to organize the work - you are the head of some corporation or something like that.

None of that to be honest, I just want to see Urho3D returned back to life and I believe this can be achieved if we intent to. Urho3D has more potentials and capabilities than some other projects out there taking the shine and it’s so unfortunate. It might not have the most photorealistic real-time graphics, but it excels in the areas it can

I acknowledge I haven’t been making much contributions over the past years, reason being that I’ve been on and off using Urho3D (mainly in my spare time), but I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to contribute if I see one. I don’t mind intentionally investing more time to Urho3D to see the progress it can make.

If something can be made better, if it can be improved on, then why not.