I tested E_CLICK and E_CLICKEND events with the dragg-able fish in HelloGUI sample.

SubscribeToEvent(draggableFish, E_CLICK, URHO3D_HANDLER(HelloGUI, HandleclickEnd));

Works fine.

But once I change the dragg-able fish from Button to BorderImage.
The events will no longer fire.

Is this an intentional behavior?

I am no master of Urho 2D UI stuff - but I don’t think BorderImage was intended to be interactive - most of the other UI classes derive from it, just because it can “draw something”. This does not imply that it’s an interactive base class.

I just don’t know what makes Button sends the events but BorderImage.
The events are sent in a generic UI function and looks like apply to all UIelements.

For now I think a Button without hover and press offset may be OK.

Button inherits BorderImage which inherits UIElement.
But latter one doesn’t implement UIElement::OnKey() , so yes, it’s intentional.


void Button::OnKey(Key key, MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers)
    if (HasFocus() && (key == KEY_RETURN || key == KEY_RETURN2 || key == KEY_KP_ENTER || key == KEY_SPACE))
        // Simulate LMB click
        OnClickBegin(IntVector2(), IntVector2(), MOUSEB_LEFT, 0, 0, nullptr);
        OnClickEnd(IntVector2(), IntVector2(), MOUSEB_LEFT, 0, 0, nullptr, nullptr);

:smiley:PS: OnClickBegin() and OnClickEnd() are Button members, they send the click events.

EDIT: they actually fire press events, not click ones.
sry for the misleading answer

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The events in Button::OnClickBegin() and Button::OnClickEnd() are E_PRESSED and E_RELEASED.
They can be used as clicked events, but my initial purpose is to handle click on a BorderImage.

When clicking on a BorderImage, in UI::ProcessClickBegin() the

WeakPtr<UIElement> element(GetElementAt(windowCursorPos, true, &cursorPos));

is NULL, but it is not NULL if click on a Button.(Don’t know why)

The element variable is then passed to UI::SendClickEvent(), cause E_CLICK event fire or not.

haha i didnt check the events names, sry for the wrong answer.
checking urho3d ui sources, there are comments on GetElementAt() functions saying
By default returns only input-enabled elements.
im still trying to find out where they wrote those codes checking if the element is input-enabled or not

I think i found it, UI::GetElementAt() checks result elements’ enable state, but by default BorderImage’s Is Enabled attribute is fales
i suggest you try to set it true for your BorderImage and see if it fires the click events

I don’t think BorderImage subscribes to receive click events, and correspondingly, I believe has no methods to sink them… this component simply does not care to receive input events, so it can’t respond to them.

hey Leith!
i just checked source, click events are sent in UI::SendClickEvent()

void UI::SendClickEvent(StringHash eventType, UIElement* beginElement, UIElement* endElement, const IntVector2& pos, MouseButton button,
    MouseButtonFlags buttons, QualifierFlags qualifiers)
    VariantMap& eventData = GetEventDataMap();
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_ELEMENT] = endElement;
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_X] = pos.x_;
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_Y] = pos.y_;
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_BUTTON] = button;
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_BUTTONS] = (unsigned)buttons;
    eventData[UIMouseClick::P_QUALIFIERS] = (unsigned)qualifiers;

    // For click end events, send also the element the click began on
    if (eventType == E_UIMOUSECLICKEND)
        eventData[UIMouseClickEnd::P_BEGINELEMENT] = beginElement;

    if (endElement)
        // Send also element version of the event
        if (eventType == E_UIMOUSECLICK)
            endElement->SendEvent(E_CLICK, eventData);
        else if (eventType == E_UIMOUSECLICKEND)
            endElement->SendEvent(E_CLICKEND, eventData);

    // Send the global event from the UI subsystem last
    SendEvent(eventType, eventData);

in the caller functions the endElement argument is obtained through UI::GetElementAt()
so if we want click event from BorderImage, we just need to make them to be considered “input-enabled”, which i suppose its determined the “Is Enabled” attribute.
:smiley: i finally gotcha?

The receiver, BorderImage, wont receive it, because it never subscribed to the event
Urho uses a listener pattern - listeners can subscribe to receive events, either from a specific sender, or from anywhere - if we dont subscribe, we are not notified

You are right.
Thanks for nice explanation :+1:

Never noticed that it is default disabled.

:innocent: bro i think you got something wrong, there is no receiver here, endElement->SendEvent() called here is actually Urho3D::Object::SendEvent() that sends the event (just a guess, there is way too much source code to read, i gave up).

At the risk of being only slightly off-topic…
Doesn’t this ask for a seperate OnKeyDown() and OnKeyUp()?

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Urho eventing is very flexible. I did not say anything was not possible, but I did give hints about how eventing works.

:rofl: checked source code, i dont understand it either

I suspect the current implementation to be somewhat of a shortcut. Introducing separate down and up functions would introduce more complexity then one might initially think.