About New forum

Great to have a new forum.
But to be honest, the format and visual style of this new forum is very bad.

This is more like an old style mailing list rather than a forum.


I agree. The overview is there, but at least on the first page, you just get slammed everything new into your face and that is pretty messy.

I’d make the category view the default.

Agree ! It doesn’t feel like a forum at all.

  • Big spaces between topics and menus.Not very nince design
  • Nothing is separated with colors.It’s just a white background with text on it.It’s hard to follow where a comment ends and where the another one starts.
  • Cumbersome design.Like theSHEEP said , no matter where you look you are bombarded with “new” stuff.

Don’t get me wrong i like the idea to have a modern forum ! But i just liked the old forum more.It was more a “developer” oriented.

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I had that problem with all old migrated topics being marked as “new” too, until I stumbled upon the dismiss all button yesterday.

And about the page “style”, I understand it is customisable with CSS or predefined theme. I suppose we just need time to tweak it to our liking.

I like the new forum although i feel it does need a little tweaking to make it right for us.
A few things i wanted to point out is i like the full logo on the home page (i know its the icon logo with text), it reminds me of unreal engine in terms of style. But that brings me to my main point now we have a new forum the engine editor kinda stands to me and i feel it needs at least a theme update to fit the new style of Urho3D

It probably would be better to change title from (U)RHO3D to (U) URHO3D
New icon isn’t readed as a part of word, so now title looks more like RHO3D.

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Agreed, it isn’t quite clear from just looking at the title if it is RHO3D, URHO3D or ORHO3D.
I like the logo on its own, but as part of a word it is ambiguous.

The first time I read it as ORHO3D :slight_smile:

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How to turn off automatic conversion smiles to images in my posts? :frowning:

Also how to turn off “Onebox” (A link on a line by itself, which was then automatically expanded into a onebox with a brief summary of the link, a title, and (when available) a picture.) im my messages?

As a moderator you can change your rank to regular allowing you to post pictures and stuff. I was thinking we should probably promote know urho3d community members outside of that I’m still learning

I upgrade my “trust level”, but how it disable automatic changing my posts by forum? :slight_smile:

Some posts require cleanup from the phpbb format to Discourse, though it looks like topics are locked from editing after a couple months by default:

There is a configuration item, post edit time limit, that limits for how long posts can be edited. It defaults to 86400 minutes (2 months).

Discourse’s response to this: Yes that is a default safety feature. Feel free to set it to years, instead of the default of two months, on your Discourse as needed.

Would it be possible to disable the edit limit as this is a technical forum (and so we can fix formatting and markdown issues with posts from legacy phpbb formatting?)


I think the options to change this are given to people with admin rights although if you pm me the post i may be able to unlock it with moderator abilities

For the old markup issues, I think it’s possible to run some simple regex’s offline rather than expect everyone to manually edit their old posts. I haven’t tested it yet though, and it would require a short downtime (read-only mode) to prevent roll-back data loss.