About player's control

Looking for how to create games today I found several engines, but this seemed quite promising, but opening the scripts I just saw how to load the 3d model of the character and make enemies appear with ninja snow war

How do you actually use the engine? do I have to create and edit scenes in the editor at the same time I type the script?

how do I know my camera will follow the character and how do I know I’ll to control a 3D model already loaded in the scene?

any tutorial step by step? since putting 3d models in the scene/world until script?

Let me first answer your questions with another one: What experience do you have with programming?
You can keep track of Nodes and Components using pointers or look them up in the Scene using various functions. There is the Wiki which might be helpful and of course the Documentation.

The first program I made using Urho3D was based on a sample. I simply transcribed all lines that seems essential.

Also, welcome to the forums! :confetti_ball:

Take a look and study the exampkes… The script version. One atva time. They are an excellent start point. Once you have a clue, pick the one that fits your needs the most and use ait as a sort of tempkate to start building your own.