Accessing/Modifying values from loaded layouts

I have trouble accessing/modifying values from loaded layouts:

	-- Load layout
	window = ui:LoadLayout(cache:GetResource("XMLFile", "UI/Master_Layout.xml"))

	-- Get 'Slider1' from layout and print its range
	local slider = window:GetChild("Slider1", true)

slider.range returns nil and doesn’t update itself.

If I create the same slider from scratch (from code), I can access its values and it updates itself.

It seems that the exposed UIElement::GetChild() function is missing the same magic as Node::GetComponent(). It would need to inspect the UIElement and get its correct type. Now when you query a child, it’s always returned to you as UIElement, with none of the subclasses’ properties or functions.

Should be fixed in the master branch.

you can use tolua.cast to cast wanted type.

Many thanks, works perfectly.

I’ll check tolua.cast, I remember that there is an example that uses it, thanks Aster.

As we are dealing with layouts, I have a question regarding saving layouts.
For now I use this kind of code, which works as expected:

window:SaveXML(fileSystem:GetUserDocumentsDir() .. "Master_Layout.xml")

But the lua API includes a function for this:
SaveLayout(Serializer& dest, UIElement* element)

Is this function still relevant and if so how to use it (especially the Serializer& dest parameter) ?