Add Trigger as child to moving object

I was trying to make simple detector for character, that already has rigidbody, by adding child node with trigger rigidbody and subscribing to event E_NODECOLLISIONSTART. Scene looks like this:

<node id="4">
	<component type="CollisionShape" id="8" />
	<component type="RigidBody" id="18">
	<node id="14">
		<component type="CollisionShape" id="37" />
		<component type="RigidBody" id="38">
			<attribute name="Is Trigger" value="true" />

The problem is that trigger always stay in same place, do I need to add some constraint for child node, manually change position of trigger based on parent node, or better option drop trigger idea and use ray cast?

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Try setting the trigger body to kinematic.

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Thank you, it worked, now I fill like an idiot.

Don’t: You just got wiser! :wink:

…and welcome to the forums, btw. :confetti_ball: