Adding a RenderPath Command to Urho render

Hey, Im integrating the Urho3D as a library to my old game, and so far, I’m having success.

My game render uses transformed vertex (rhw) with DrawPrimitiveUP (Directx 9). So, while I dont upgrade all render to urho correctly (using vb and ib, projection etc) I want to keep using my game render working together the Urho render.

For now, Im rendering my game after E_ENDALLVIEWSRENDER urho event, works good, but that’s not what I want. I want to put my render on a renderpath (yet using transformed vertices, rhw, drawprimitiveup etc), like any other thing, this way I can use PostProcess correctly etcc.

I have no idea how I could make it, someone have?


There’s render path sendevent command that allows you to run arbitrary code in arbitrary place of rendering. Is it what you want to achieve?

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I could never get this to work:

RenderPath * rp = viewport->GetRenderPath();
auto rpc = RenderPathCommand();
rpc.type_ = CMD_SENDEVENT;
rpc.enabled_ = true;
SubscribeToEvent(E_RENDERPATHEVENT, URHO3D_HANDLER(SomeClass, SomeFunc));
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I think so. I want to integrate my render code inside to Urho render. So i believe I need to put this on renderpath.

Some special reason? ll try it anyway, thanks.