Adding Libnoise to the Terrain component or Perlin noise


I want to integrate libnoise as either as part of the engine extensively for terrain. Do anybody know any licensing issue? I was thinking in the Engine adding a subfolder Noise or add Libnoise as a Thirdparty.

I’m looking at

If I can get it added. FIrst create a custom function to transfer the generated to a Image object. (Thinking a libnoise can use a util function like RendererWriteUrhoImage)


This was Lasse’s respond on other topic regarding allowed licenses for Urho3D.

Does stb_perlin work? … b_perlin.h for your needs?

Just want to add that, of course, there is nothing prevent you from using any libraries in your own project :slight_smile:.

I don’t know. I have to look at the code and do the following.

  1. Add a function to create a array in memory that holds the value for a image size

  2. Find a way to convert that array to a image.

  3. Then add Terrain function that uses that image to a Image object

  4. Add ability to save image to a file

  5. Figure out code to add a lot more functions ability. (Note: Make code assembly or gpu performance based so it’s dirt fast!!!)

So, hopefully it ends up to something lik.

I’m going try this.