Adjust text position in Line Edit

I’m currently creating a little UI and I was wondering how to adjust the text position in the LineEdit element. The default places the user entered text too close to the boundary of the UIElement:

Is there a way to adjust the borders of this element? Here is the XML that I’m using…

<element type="LineEdit">
			<attribute name="Name" value="CCFInput" />
			<attribute name="Min Size" value="74 24" />
			<attribute name="Max Size" value="2147483647 24" />	
			<attribute name="Layout Border" value="5 0 5 0" />

It’s slightly non-intuitive, you can adjust the line edit’s Clip Border attribute (left + top values) to make it push the text right & downward.

Ah, that works great (would not have figured that out on my own). Thanks!