All about AngelscriptIDE

  • I cant find any screenshots of this IDE. Can anyone get me screenshots?
  • Can I find another way for syntax hightlight of AngelScript?
  • I have trouble with building AngelscriptIDE for linux. I fix some bug in CMakeLists, but I cant find “AngelScriptsUtils” source code. In this repo, its util-lib placed as static *.lib for windows only.


so, thank u.
but I cant open any file. I see just only this is (on screenshot).

Can you tell my screenshot of working version of AngelscriptIDE?

How variant, you can get Code::Blocks IDE for AngelScript coding.

Author provide Win32 release (~25mb):

Settings file:
put this file at C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\CodeBlocks (highlight, *.as extension etc…)

Source code:
Small changes in parser code.

What it do?

Sintax Highlight and IntelliSense support.

But not all constructions can be parsed.
For example:
Array<MyClass@>@ testlist;
Parse only Array and MyClass
This testlist can not be parsed and if you call it.


Also, there was thread about configuring CodeLite with actionscript. I haven’t tried it.

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If you use for Windows the above Code::Block (win32),
then you can download the Launcher for its launch in portable mode.
binary with source code
only source code

and what about realtime debuging?
have any tools for debug angelscript in realtime, like a Python scripts…?

AngelScript source: sdk/add_on/debugger/