Alternative Chat for Urho3d

So I guess the gitter was deleted? It doesn’t show up anymore. I never used gitter before anyway, but it was nice to have an alternative to discourse. Personally, I think there’s a difference between on-topic chats and threads. There’s plenty of questions or discussions that probably don’t deserve their own threads. Or maybe they do, it’s debatable. Might keep discourse less political, too. For other software I’ve used a mix of discord and forums and it was a nice separation. There are obviously plenty of services available, Discord, Telegram, etc. I think Telegram’s great but I use discord for most software chats.
Curious on other’s thoughts:

  • No, I’ll stick to Discourse
  • Yes, I’d use a chat, too

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I guess if you want one voice your preferred platform.

Never really liked gitter, a lot of technical info was locked behind a hard to search website.

Only this forum is “official”.

There is english Urho discord server, russian Urho discord server, russian Urho3D forum and russian Urho telegram chat which is quite dead. Maybe there’s more, but I’m not aware.


Oh I didn’t even know these existed. Well, I’ll just use that then, thanks! ] New! [

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