Android compile fails

I tried to compile urho3d for Android.
I use docker like
git clone GitHub - urho3d/Urho3D: Cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine
cd Urho3D
script/ android rake build install

But it fails:

Task :android:launcher-app:externalNativeBuildDebug FAILED

Build Urho3DPlayer_armeabi-v7a

ninja: error: ‘/home/user/Urho3D/android/urho3d-lib/.cxx/cmake/debug/armeabi-v7a/lib/’, needed by ‘…/…/…/…/build/intermediates/cmake/debug/obj/armeabi-v7a/’, missing and no known rule to make it

seems that it need but I think that is libUrho3D.a what is needed.

I have follow the instructions of Quick Start | Urho3D
Is there something wrong in the docker file or I do someting wrong?
Someone can compile urho3d for Android?

I don’t use docker, I just installed it to try and debug this. As such, I have no idea how to fix the issue (I also encountered it), but doing a shared build instead I got it to build successfully. Just add URHO3D_LIB_TYPE=SHARED to the end of the call.

I hope that helps.

It works, thank u.

I tried to do the same with Android Studio (it fails the same way) but with URHO3D_LIB_TYPE=SHARED in file or -PURHO3D_LIB_TYPE=SHARED in File/Settings/Command-Line Options doesn’t works.

The only way it works was changed all with libUrho3D.a in all files, but is a bad idea.

Where I must set URHO3D_LIB_TYPE=SHARED in Android Studio?

It has been awhile since I last checked the CI/CD workflow in our project GitHub action. But based on these logs from the last build against the main branch, I am sure both STATIC and SHARED lib type are still working fine.

Use inline for global consts in MathDefs.h & GraphicsDefs.h (#2918) · urho3d/Urho3D@78bbe50 · GitHub
Use inline for global consts in MathDefs.h & GraphicsDefs.h (#2918) · urho3d/Urho3D@78bbe50 · GitHub

The difference between these two jobs are one of them got the “URHO3D_LIB_TYPE” env-var defined to “SHARED”. Urho3D prefers “STATIC” by default.

Try this. Export this env-var in your ~/.bash_profile, relogin, and launch the IDE again.

Or with CLI.

URHO3D_LIB_TYPE=SHARED script/ android rake build install

It works.
I run a command window and do:
set URHO3D_LIB_TYPE=STATIC (I prefer static)
\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin\studio64.exe

Perhaps it must to be in Urho3D - Documentation - Building Urho3D library