Android Install Help [Solved]

Hello, I followed the documentation build process (ran and am trying to ‘Import “Existing Android Code into Workspace”’ but eclipse isn’t finding a project within the /Build directory. It is finding something within the /Source directory but when I try to “Run As” -> “Android Project” that imported project, it just crashes on my phone (I don’t think it’s even creating a debug apk). Any links to information that might help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Edit: Solved, missed the environment variable step -.-’, my apologies.

The relies on the to do the actual work. In the normal case calling the (and so also configures and generates a Unix Makefile project file for native platform. In order to make it to configure/generate project file for Android platform, you need to export ANDROID_NDK environment variable pointing to where you have actually installed the Android NDK. The build tree for Android platform is currently defaulted to “android-Build” and not “Build” directory (which is for native platform). If you cannot find the “android-Build” directory then you have done something wrong with the ANDROID_NDK environment variable setting.