Android multitouch input

another day another issue for me i can’t resolve without your help.

I am trying to process touch input from my SDLActivity on android in urho for controlling camera movement. So far this is working as expected.

SubscribeToEvent(E_TOUCHMOVE, URHO3D_HANDLER(RenderImpl, HandleTouchMove));

I used this to get touch callbacks, which works fine. In the function ‘HandleTouchMove’ then i proof

Input *input = GetSubsystem<Input>();
if (input->GetNumTouches() == 1) {
   ... One finger ....
} else if(input->GetNumTouches() == 2){
   ... Two finger ....

After logging what is happening, GetNumTouches returns 1 after the first touch, the double touch returns 2. Now the issues, the event seems to be firing on and on resulting on GetNumTouches being 1 even when no finger touches the display.

I also proofed it on the Android Java part there is everything correct in finger recognition. Anyone knows something about this behaviour?

EDIT: Interesting, when i use the window button from the bottom bar. And then bring back the app to full screen i get a normal one finger touch event again. But again just one then the issue occurs again.

Solved it myself urho3d code was all fine, the problem was related to the SDLActivity where i used my standard onTouch Method, instead creating proper binding via the specific SDLSurface.

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