Android Stats - Platform, OPEN GL ES and Screen Sizes

I am new to Urho 3D and to, Graphics, Animations part.
Just started investigating on how to design a game and hopefully would get a simple game designed somehow.

I had a confusion in making a choice for android version API level 10 or go for API 15. I thought to have a choice, as i believe I can partially correlate Better API level to better hardware.
My understanding:
Reason for confusion is I did not found these stats earlier. Now I think I can just target for API level 15, so I can harness the improved android hardware, by just losing 0.7%.

Not sure if any one else might need these stats. So just posting here.

Open GLScreen Sizes
Screen Sizes
Additional information:

  1. You can find updated information @

Android Version, Android platform or opengl es, Android hardware.

Yes, we know that table…
Go 15.
Anyway, this is not urho-related very much…