AngelScript editor with autocompletion?

For almost a year I was using CodeLite with ScriptAPI.h to get AngelScript functions autocompletion. It worked great, until suddenly stopped. And I can’t fix it even after installing older version and setting everything up from scratch. I have a very little hope someone will help me with that, but I want once again rise a very disturbing for me question :

What with the AngelScript IDE?

I’ve seen two projects, One by scorvi
Another by JSandusky:

Both seems canned more than a year ago.

What other options is there? What is everyone using for scripting? I feel like I would prefer a plugin for regular text editor like N++ or Atom(which advertises itself as super-duper customizable, and already has plugins for some uncommon languages).

What do you guys think? How much this situation better with LUA?

LUA came like 10 years before AngelScript. I think that’s the reason why is like the standard embedded scripting language for games.
Alot of console/desktop games uses that.

You will find more tools for LUA than AS. For example ZeroBrane Studio, CryENGINE Lua Debugger, LuaEdit, ecc…
If you need just a text editor that supports AS syntax + autocompletion you can use Sublime Text or Atom as you said.

That would be simple word autocomplition, that looks for words in same file. And I’m talking about finctions autocomplition like I had with ScriptAPI.h . And in regard to LUA I’m interested in same thing. Is any of those tools can be aware of Urho engine functions?

Are you confused it with AngelScriptAPI.h? This is the actual dummy header that you should use to get auto completion in IDE.

You can use atom and extend it to support a higher level auto completion, but it won’t be as good as visual assist in visual studio.

I still choose atom for scripting, since it was easier for me to set up an urho linter, plus it’s a lot lighter weight.

Now that xamarin studio is open source, it could be worth checking out- I enjoyed the auto complete that was available in monodevelop.

It is not opensource. Monodevelop is opensource. Xamarin sdk is opensource. XamarinStudio is Monodevelop + 4 proprietary plugins. Those plugins are not opensource.

Oh wow, I’m actually am. Thank you. Setting it up with AngleScriptAPI.h fixed it for some time, then it broke again. :confused:

Oh wow, never heard of it. I will definitely check it out.

I like Atom, despite some of it quircks (JavaScript related, I suspect).

Oh wow, I’m actually am. Thank you. Setting it up with AngleScriptAPI.h fixed it for some time, then it broke again. :confused:
I think I understand you, not . :wink:

AS completion works just fine on my machine. I’m using the latest CodeLite version 9.1.0.