Angelscript how to save an array of custom class

Hello, I’ve been messing around with Urho3D for a little while. I’m a relative novice when it comes to programming. Mostly I’ve been able to find answers to my queries, but this one really has me stumped.

2 things: I have an array of materials that I need to serialize and deserialize for saving and loading, and the same thing but with an array of custom class objects.

I’m using the angelscript api atm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You may implement these in your ScriptObject class to save/load additional data.

void Load(Deserializer&);
void Save(Serializer&);
void ReadNetworkUpdate(Deserializer&);
void WriteNetworkUpdate(Serializer&);

Otherwise you basically just write a function to save your things to Serializer and read them from Deserializer and use those functions in your Load/Save implementations


// reusable function to write an array of DamageInfo to serializer
void SaveDamageInfo(Array<DamageInfo> infos, Serializer&in dest)
    for (uint i = 0; i < infos.length; ++i)

// reusable function to read said info from a deserializer
Array<DamageInfo> LoadDamageInfo(Deserializer& src)
    Array<DamageInfo> retList;
    uint ct = src.ReadUInt();
    for (uint i = 0; i < ct; ++i)
        DamageInfo info; 
        info.damageKind = src.ReadUInt();
        info.damageModifier = src.ReadFloat();
    return retList;

// ScriptObject interface implementation

class MyGameObject : ScriptObject
    Array<DamageInfo> myDamageInfo;

    // called when our ScriptInstance is read from a file
    void Load(Deserializer& src) { myDamageInfo = LoadDamageInfo(src); }
    // called when our ScriptInstance is written to a file
    void Save(Serializer& dest) { SaveDamageInfo(myDamageInfo, dest); }

Does that make sense?

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Yes that helps. Thank you. Was able to get a solution figured out from your example.

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