Animated Model Workflow

Hello, I’d like to know what everyone’s workflow is for getting their animated models into the editor/engine. Currently I’m exporting a collada from blender 2.71 and thanks to dahlia from the irc channel, I was able to see one of its animations in the editor. I’m interested in the valve/source method of a reference model with geometry/skeleton and seperate animation files with the skeleton. Any workflows for that type of export? Thanks for any help.

If you’re using Blender then I recommend you try Urho3D add-on at

I don’t know how valve/source works for animated models, but from what you describe it seems to have the same design as Urho3D.

For what it’s worth, I dont use blender, the Z+up is crazy :astonished: and the FBX support is not 100%.
I use shade 3d for unity, which is free, great FBX support, it’s a bit limited (ie no UV mapping) but nothing serious, standard and pro have more features.
Here’s my intro to shade3d for unity.
Here’s my quick tutorial.
And I just uploaded: makehuman animation with Shade3d for unity3d

I use linux, but shade3d runs great in winxp Virtual Box (dual screen).

Shade basic is on special for $50, which is a good deal, better then the $50 I spent on fragmo :laughing: :frowning:
I’ll upgrade to pro one day