Animation 3d sequence with multiple files

Hello forum. I’ve read some docs and asked here about animation controller, so I can start, pause and set speed of 3d animation. But imagine if a 3d model will have multiple animation files and I want to play them in a sequence with knots. Does it possible to achieve with animation controller, or do I need to use other?
My idea for now is to use IsAtEnd() method to reassign the animation.

You’ll probably want to use this drawable event to trigger the next animation:

/// AnimatedModel animation finished or looped.
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_NODE, Node);                    // Node pointer
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_ANIMATION, Animation);          // Animation pointer
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_NAME, Name);                    // String
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_LOOPED, Looped);                // Bool