Any editor in c++ only?

I don’t care how hard it is because I know it’s easy, much more easy and comfortable than angelscript, hmmmmmm …

There’s about 10 frosty stubs.

I think every other Urho user tried to make their own Editor, with various degrees of success. I think no one ever released real generic editor with feature parity to AS Urho editor.

I’m currently using Editor of our fork which is incompatible with upstream Urho codebase. This Editor sucks, but it also helped me a lot, so I cannot say it’s useless.

thinking about making a scene that is the editor, that get loaded, once you finish from making game, you remove the scene, you build the game that’s all. isn’t that hard. The editor itself should be a game.

Blender was my primary Urho editor and can be rather full-featured with Blender 2.8-Exporter with additonal features(e.g. urho3d-materialnodes and components)

edit: bits of Python, not only C++ :wink:


Jep, I use Modo, and export as fbx. Import via AssetImporter, of course… works fine so far. I guess with the right fbx export settings any 3d program is usable…