Append shader defines in RenderPath

I am looking for a way to append shader defines for all commands.

What i am currently doing :

  1. Creating empty RenderPath()
  2. Looping through all commands and appending to vertexShaderDefines and pixelShaderDefines.
  3. Append commands to new RenderPath, add all renderTargets
  4. Set new RenderPath to viewport.

I see all the object in viewport, but define does not seem to pass inside the shader.

My question is related to other already asked Update RenderPath and/or RenderPathCommand, but I don’t want to resurrect it. @cadaver?

Why do you create empty path instead of just updating commands in your existing one?
Some suggestions:
-Check if it works on quad command before scene command.
-Edit XML file and see if it works.

I only need to update shader defines from angelscript.

Steps 2 and 3 are backwards.

Steps 1 and 2 in that order make absolutely no sense, that can do absolutely nothing.

… I want to kick a puppy now in frustration from reading that.

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Well, at least I know that you are angry…

@Askhento, don’t get bothered too much about it, I think @JSandusky is the most angry person on this server. Also, one of the few people who really know the insides of Urho.

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But don’t worry, it’s usually figuratively angry. It’s rarely angry angry. Take it as poorly phrased snark.

In this case I was upset because I delved through code thinking something could be wrong, and delved into it for about an hour before I realized, “no, it’s the user.” Hence, I wanted to kick a puppy (not something I’d ever do, I only eliminate feral dogs).

Don’t worry, I’m more snark than bite