Apple deprecates OpenGL and OpenCL

All in favor of Metal

@boberfly it’s your chance! xD

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That was expected. Anyway WTF. While you can expect Mac to take ages before open gl goes away, this is almost sure to be removed on next ios version (that is, ios 13). This means we probably won’t be able to ship anymore for ios in one year.

It is actually an opportunity to see whether this project is dead as the fish or not.


World needs to be saved!

Indeed. Everybody welcome the Urho showdown.:fish::tropical_fish::blowfish:
Will it survive, or will we have to rename it “the deadfish engine?”

MoltenVK, translation layer from Vulkan to Metal is open sourced -

Currently, we have DX9, DX11, OpenGL renderers.
The practical way to survive for Urho is -

  • Add Vulkan (especially for Android)
  • Support Metal (via something as MoltenVK or directly by using Metal API)
  • Abandon DX9 (goodbye a few WinXP users)
  • Optional support for DX12 (DX11 is good enough for a lightweight game engine)
  • We are able to be more advanced for the graphics, sitting on the modern graphics APIs: DX11/Vulkan/Metal

Edit: for optimists, we only need to add one Vulkan renderer :sweat_smile:

Or add BGFX backend and don’t care anymore :laughing:
BGFX has its own problems tho. Too highlevel batch processing is one of them.

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I also wonder what Apple is going to do with WebGL to keep it working in iOS browsers.

Excuse my ignorance, but I always thought Vulkan ran directly on Mac. Why would you need a vulkan-to-metal layer?

Even if Urho had Vulkan shaders, you would need this on Mac Os / Ios
In short only Metal and Open gl are supported by Apple as of now.

I am afraid that no one will add any support for Metal .

The best way would be to take an off the shelf cross platform solution that is actively developed , i.e. BGFX.

Another option would be to use ANGLE with an Vulkan backend which is currently under development and put it on top of MoltenVK

So the translation would be : OpenGL ES -> Angle -> Vulkan -> MoltenVK

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Urho heavily dependents on OpenGL, I have been studying Metal for several days, there are too few tutorials and examples to cover all cases, such as water, grass etc. To port the render part, you need to re-write nearly all codes, include c++ part and shader part.

Not hard for Po, the kungfu panda. As rabbit and pig, I’m calling for the panda to save the world, or his fish master :sweat_smile:

I’m trying bgfx these days. Could you elaborate on this?

AFAIK batches are totally independent.
If you want process 20k batches, you have to fill every batch with all possible data including all shader uniforms.

It allows more optimization, but require more processing.

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When’s the next release of Urho3D ? Is the project really dead in the water ? It’s been a long time since 1.7 and is saying the popularity of Urho3d is on the decline.

I’d say resources are low on many fronts and we lost our commander, but there sure is a pulse and steady progress on this already very functional engine. What lightweight bells and whistles did you have in mind?
As you may know from metal lore, Urho is quite comfortable in the dark, and as long as it works for Linux it works for me. :+1:

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What lightweight bells and whistles? An easy way to export project to Android Studio for compilation/signing. To me, urho3d is feature complete for now. Just missing the most important obvious support for Android.