AssetImporter and scene

I might be use AssetImporter wrong but there is

-p Set path for scene resources. Default is output file path

so I write

AssetImporter scene myscene1.fbx myscene.scene -p Scene1

Ok, there will be myscene.scene, Scene1/Materials/, Scene1/Models/ and Scene1/Textures/.
But in myscene.scene, there are “links” to Materials/, Models/ and Textures/ (not Scene1/Marerials, Scene1/Models, Scene1/Textures), so scene loading failed.

Well, modified AssetImporter.cpp a little, seems to work.
.material files doesnt point to Scene1/Textures/ (only Textures/ but thats fine).

Line 1701 (added resourcePath_ + ):
String modelName = resourcePath_ + (useSubdirs_ ? "Models/" : "") + GetFileNameAndExtension(model.outName_);

Line 2357 (added resourcePath_ + ):
return resourcePath_ + (useSubdirs_ ? "Materials/" : "") + matName + ".xml";