Async level loading

This pertains to 3D levels, not 2D.


Below is a simple async level loading/transition vid.

*Replaced video to better demonstrate level loading/off-loading.


Not yet started. I guess red lines are tiles/levels to get in as your character moves…
So you cast a limited ray with some radius, get some list of asset and fetch to a background loader?
I’m still not getting if zones are purely visual or are set up into a level subdivision… like

What exactly is it loading? Looks like there is already stuff in the green zone before you enter…

What you see in the video is a two-level system, meaning you’ll have two levels loaded at any given time. A level consists of a large white-ground tile, two load-triggers (green transparent boxes) to load the next and previous level, and misc. render objects. Obviously, you want to make level-loading inconspicuous in a real game but for demo purpose they pop in as you move through triggers.

Here’s a pic of a single level:

My current level-loading doesn’t load any new resources, and I’m in the process of changing that.

*Replaced the orig video to better demonstrate level loading/off-loading.

That means you load level in a step-by-step fashion? No object pooling?

The whole purpose of async loading is to avoid object/resource pooling (have all your assets loaded in memory) and only load levels that you need as the player progresses through the game.

Damn, I’m already done with this implementation which also includes the old terrain background loader that I had to dig up. So, collaboration offer is officially over and closing this thread.

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