Atari VCS announcement


Is this thing serious?

What would be the criteria of serious?

Well basically they sold everything off…
What a shame, didn’t know that… would’ve surely bought pong or battlezone for my private library… :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Apparently the VCS is part of their turnaround strategy as indeed they seem to have lost some limbs.
But that could also mean they refused to P2W/pre-release-DLC/paywall their own franchises. Also I’m surprised anyone wanted to pay for all those 90s game titles. I mean how do you value…

…40 Winks, Bubble Ghost, Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess, Death Gate, Drakkhen, Eternam, Glover, Monty Mole, Hostage: Rescue Mission, Marco Polo and Time Gate: Knight’s Chase…

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When I read that I thought it could be interesting to have the engine ready for that platform. But looks nothing less than a Linux in a x86_64… So in theory already is.

But contacting them, and ensuring the fact… And maybe get a post from them including urho3d as a supported engine… could it be an interesting boost for us?