- Urho packages

I’ve been forking some existing packages to establish an Urho3D workflow in

Summary: Shows errors as you work, without needing to run your script externally.
Link: … ree/master
You will also need Urho3DLinter from here: … ho3DLinter
(Windows users: You need to build with URHO3D_WIN32_CONSOLE cmake option)


Summary: Adds an ‘Angelscript’ language option, simply highlighting it as C++ in the background. (it should be included if you add linter-urho3dlinter)

You can install via the atom package manager if you search the above names.

Hooray for AngelScript support in Atom!

The Atom editor looks very sleeks. Thanks for sharing it.

Going to give Atom a shot.

BTW I had to manually install the Linter and AngelScript packages.

I’m using a modified version of Urho3DPlayer. Is there a way to avoid using Urho3DLinter? Or do I need to make a linter version of my player?
Maybe there could be a library that provides the needed functionality to make a urho app suitable for linter?

Ah, so it didn’t install the base Linter and Angelscript when you installed linter-urho3dlinter?

You can definitely use a modified version of the player, that’s what I was originally using (and Urho3DLinter is just a modified version of Urho3DPlayer too). The main things to look out for:
[ul][li]Headless mode.[/li]
[li]Preventing ErrorExit from popping that error dialog.[/li]
[li]Exiting immediately so that atom will be able to read the errors, also to prevent having multiple processes that will never die in the background.[/li]
[li]Building using URHO3D_WIN32_CONSOLE option in cmake (on windows), so that the errors/warnings go to stderr/stdout.[/li]
[li]Then just point to the Urho3DPlayer in the package settings, or settings file.[/li][/ul]

Is autocomplete for members not working? I mean

void Start() { input. // hint

These packages don’t address auto-complete, although I do want to look at bringing auto-complete in probably by forking this: , and then modifying the Urho3D APIDump method to spit out the correct structure (if possible).

By the way I updated linter-urho3dlinter the other day (if you had it installed, it probably gave a notification)-- the linter-gcc repo had the fixes needed to get the dependencies auto-install if they weren’t found.