Atomic Game Engine (MIT Urho3D Fork)


This is a stupid question,but anyways…do you support directX?If not,everything is rendered using opengl 2.0 even for 2d?Thanks!


Yes, the 2d lighting system (and 2d in general) will continue to support Direct3D9


I would like to know how do you script your logic from emscripte/html?
I don’t think you expose the duktape scripting in javascript environment, that will be such pain, how do you manage that part?



The scripting is exactly as with the other platforms, the bindings are simply compiled to JS along with everything else.

Please use the Atomic Game Engine forums for questions regarding it. They are available on the website.



Looks beautiful! I do have one quick question about the assets – are the modular interiors (or their precursor models and textures) shown in those demos actually from Open Game Art as well? I’ve had no luck finding anything similar, but the site’s a bit hard to navigate, so that may just be pilot error on my part.



@j15r: The assets in the video were licensed and are not on open game art.

I will keep posts here to a minimum, though I wanted to mention that Atomic is in Early Access and currently available to download. Please use our forums for questions and discussion regarding Atomic.

Atomic has been a ton of work and I don’t think I would have initiated the effort if not for the Urho3D base. To say thanks:

Any contributor to Urho3D as listed in the, can receive Atomic Pro. If you’re interested, register for Standard (which is free) and then send an email to thunderbeastgames AT gmail DOT com with your name as it appears in the readme. Also, if you want your name in the credits let us know in the email how you would like them to appear.



Looks cool are there any demos for the pro version with IOS and Android ?


Hey all!

It has been 5 months since the initial release and I wanted to share some updates. Here’s an Atomic Editor video from this weekend which shows some progress on the workflow. It feels great to be at a point where talking about some basics takes 30 min :slight_smile:

A binary test build of the editor should be available within a couple weeks.

I also wanted to answer some perhaps common questions:

  1. Why did you choose Urho3D and why make Atomic?

I’ve been in the game industry for 20 years and have developed and used many game engines in that time. For our games studio, I have always wanted to be able to compile our engine tech from source. I’ve never been a fan of black box solutions like Flash & Unity. Unreal is just massive and I am not a big fan of royalty arrangements. So, I spent years looking into various FOSS libraries. When I saw Urho3D a few years ago on Google Code, it clicked and I spent loads of free time having FUN playing with it. I also did some real work, as with the first proof of concept Emscripten build, etc. Late 2014, I decided that I wasn’t getting any younger and it was time to stop “playing around” and really build something :slight_smile:

TL;DR I want to make games, have very strong thoughts on the tech I want to make games with, and Urho3D provided an absolutely stellar starting point.

I put together a “Why Atomic?” on the website which covers why Atomic specifically.

  1. Why didn’t you fork the Urho3D repository?

I would have preferred to fork as it would have simplified some things. However, GitHub has significant usability issues on forked repos, not least of which being that they can’t be searched. I also needed the flexibility to change the structure (we’ve added/removed/and moved much stuff) which loses the benefits of being a fork. Atomic and Urho3D also have quite different goals and features, for example AngelScript/Lua and the Scripting API module in general have been removed as we’re focusing on JavaScript (huge thanks to Lasse for designing a modular system where this is not only possible but easy!).

  1. Why isn’t Atomic under a permissive license?

I love permissive licenses and maybe one day we’ll be able to do this. In the meantime, I went full-time on Atomic six months ago and have been funding the tech personally. There are paid and free versions of the Atomic Game Engine. I would also like to reiterate that anyone who has contributed to Urho3D in any way can receive a free license to Atomic Pro (details above)

Whew! In summary, I think Atomic is a great showcase for what can be built on top of Urho3D with some determination :slight_smile: Thanks again to the Urho3D Project, Lasse, and contributors which have helped get a dream of mine off the ground, and at least walking at this point!


Hi, Been checking your progress, and your editor coming in really nice and solid! Your inspector should be used as inspiration on what the default URHO Editor Inspector window should behave!



We published a new development digest today. There’s been a lot of work put into the editor and making the script component and prefab systems solid.

I also gave Urho3D a shout and hope that we help drive some traffic :slight_smile:


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I am pleased to say that we’ve put the Atomic Runtime under the MIT license. This is 100% of the code in user redistributable binaries and makes the runtime source license compatible with the Urho3D project :smiley:

Now, I can use Atomic to continue my Quake2 port, hah! idTech2 running on Urho3D


Very nice!

Now we can backport the JS stuff :wink:

I took a look at your TB integration, and I’m a bit confused as to why you still use Urho3D’s batching when TB does the batching for you. I went ahead and posted my TB implementation so that you can take a look.

However I did go ahead and pull some of the input stuff from your implementation now that it’s under MIT. My existing solution was… not great xD


Thanks for posting your TB implementation. I’ll have a look, glad our implementation has been useful to you :slight_smile:

I initially had Urho’s UI system and TB’s working together, then moved Urho’s UI to be a “System UI” which is a simple, consistently themed UI, for displaying debug dialogs, system messages, etc on device, web, in the editor etc. The batching is a result of this process, though can probably be changed now.

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We’ve been working on C# scripting.

Atomic C# running under the VS2015 Debugger :slight_smile:

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Very cool move jenge!

Good to see C# support also. Any chance of a cython bind? :wink:


Is that windows only I am always confused with this C# stuff ?


@boberfly: We’re sticking with JavaScript, C#, and C++, though you could probably use IronPython :open_mouth:

@sabotage3d: The C# support will initially be for desktop (Windows/OSX). My primary development box is a Mac.

We pushed an update today with improved touch controls. Urho’s rendering system performs like a champ!

  • Josh


C# now is open by Microsoft and you got the compilers sources and there are projects to support in others platforms in official way, the new VS 2015 got cross compiling and the new C# got an option to compile the apps as bin like C++ do.


Hey all, we pushed a new development snapshot with a slug of editor improvements:

  • Editing of multiple nodes/components simultaneously
  • New undo/redo system which handles multi-editing
  • Editor play mode window can now be resized and remembers position/size between plays
  • Editor snap settings
  • Remember component section states between node selects
  • New attribute widget data binding system
  • ResourceRefList inspector widget
  • UIListView improvements to handle multiple selection
  • Selection cut operation
  • New mainframe menu items and keyboard focus fixes
  • Numerous misc fixes (dragging nodes in hierarchy frame, etc)
  • JSON import type for editor
  • Improvements to WebSocket support

There’s download information available in the forums HERE


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I’m not good in licenses, but It will be a violation if someone will take the code from the Atomic and integrates it to Urho?