Atomic Game Engine (MIT Urho3D Fork)


If you take the code from Atomic module which is based on Urho3D no, since its still MIT licensed as URHO3D.
I don’t know for the editor but It have a different license.

Will be cool to integrate Light2D component in Urho3D :smiley:


Yup, the entire runtime is MIT and should be clearly noted in the sources. If something is useful, please do use it :slight_smile:

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[quote=“jenge”]Yup, the entire runtime is MIT and should be clearly noted in the sources. If something is useful, please do use it :slight_smile:

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What are the formalities to be observed? Just add the copyright to the beginning of the file, or it is necessary to mark each block of borrowed code? Or is the other way?


@Sinoid: Hey! I took some inspiration from your cubemap generation stuff this morning, thanks! :slight_smile:

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And here: … t-license/

So as far as I understand, if you plan to make a commit into Urho3D using parts of AGE their names should be included in contributors list as they made the original work but you can change the copyright lines in source files with no problem.


Holy cow, I made two blog posts in two days. Which is good since the last one was in August, been pretty busy!

Here’s what we’ve been up to for the last bit: Atomic Development Digest #4

We’re also offering free Atomic Pro Indie licenses to contributors, including all Third Party technology. This of course includes Urho3D contributors :smiley:

If you’re a Urho3D contributor, big or small, see the announcement blog for details and then please keep contributing to make Urho3D even more awesome!

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Is this even OK? I’m asking not from a legal standpoint, it’s about morals. Taking existing (great) engine and adding some features, then giving it another name and trying to sell. Funny that you don’t want others to do the same to you, thus stating "The technology can be used for any lawful purpose other than creating a competing game engine."
That’s really sad, when a goal is revenue, not making good software.


Is Unity being immoral when they take Recast/Detour library and use it in a commercial engine?

I believe each potential customer can evaluate the value added, and choose the commercial option if they find the value to be good. Note that Atomic’s runtime is licensed under MIT so PR’s could be made back into Urho core.

Open source development is rarely done from purely altruistic reasons. The reason I began writing Urho3D was to increase my skill in graphics and game engine programming and therefore bring benefit to myself.


The question is did Urho3d had any PR’s from Atomic Game Engine? Currently it looks like Urho3d contributions are used in Atomic Game Engine but not the reverse.


Recast/Detour library was made specifically to be used in engines, so it’s fine. The same way as it’s perfectly fine to make a game using Urho3D and sell it.
Well, I don’t want to argue about it, I just shared my opinion on this.
Shouldn’t have done that.


No worries, I think it’s valuable to have discussions and disagreeing viewpoints on the subject of open source & business morals, as long as the conversation remains polite.

Sabotage3d: good point, Josh has certainly made bugfix contributions to the Urho repo, but I don’t think there’s any major code from Atomic that has found its way in. From my POV I can safely say that I won’t go hunting for code to import from the Atomic repo, simply because of lacking time, but that’s not to say someone else couldn’t do that. To a degree, the engine is a modified fork, so back-and-forth movement of code isn’t necessarily trivial.


Hey guys,

Atomic is a very different project than Urho3D. I have great respect for Urho and, as acknowledged in this thread, wouldn’t have gone down the path of creating Atomic if not for the Urho3D base. I also contacted @cadaver on the frontend to make sure that, even though the code is MIT licensed, that there wasn’t a problem “morally”. If there would have been a problem, philosophically speaking, we wouldn’t have gone down this path. There wasn’t, instead we received some great advice, and so we did…

Urho3D is MIT, the bulk of the code where we use it, the runtime, is MIT. Urho3D is itself made up of quite a number of FOSS dependencies and we have added even more to the list. The tooling license, which is not MIT though is full source, does have a very plain language “don’t make a competing game engine” clause, as we want it clear that taking the Atomic Editor and running with it, is not desired and WE would have a problem with that…

The only thing I personally feel weird about is having to rename the Urho3D namespace, when we started it was simply “Engine” and that worked great, if we had started with Urho3D that would also have been fine as I would have created an Atomic namespace alongside it. Though, we had everything in the Engine namespace, so it made more sense to switch to Atomic namespace and stick with it :confused:

There are and will be a lot of people finding out about Urho3D through Atomic as we certainly do not hide the lineage. It wasn’t by accident that it is first on the “Friends of Atomic” list :slight_smile:

There’s not much chance we’ll make everyone happy about Atomic existing, but do understand that we’re a tiny company of 2 people, one household, and have put all of our personal finances into getting Atomic off the ground. We do want to make a living working on games and supporting Atomic, and have been publishing updates here the entire time.

There’s a full featured free version and we’re also offering Atomic Pro for free to anyone who contributes to Atomic, Urho3D, or any of the third party technology used. So, if you have written ANY code that is used in Atomic, you can use it for absolute free.

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Hi Guys! has published the very first preview of the Atomic Game Engine:

“Well if you are willing to work on an engine that is under development, there is certainly a lot here to like. If you are looking for a Unity-esque editing experience, but with a much cleaner coding experience and access to the source code, certainly give Atomic a shot?”

The text preview is available here: … ngine.aspx

There is also a 48 minute video version is available on YouTube:

In other news, we’ve been working on a high performance Chromium based WebView, which will be available soon… and MIT of course :slight_smile:

Here’s a GIF of the current multi-tabbed browser example, will be adding a bit more UI to the example soon!

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I’ve been doing some UI work and really needed quick access to the awesome tb UI debugger. This allows debugging UI layouts, event tracking, constraints, atlas generation, batching, etc. It really helps debugging layouts and works in app UI including on device.

It is also really easy to bring up the debugger from script, by simply passing a parent widget for the window:

var view = new Atomic.UIView(); Atomic.UI.debugShowSettingsWindow(view);

… and here is a look at debugging the Atomic Editor UI!

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Any plans for networking? I’d really like to see multiplayer project templates for an FPS and RTS.


@practicing01: We have pretty much done nothing with simulation networking to date.

Put together a quick 3D WebTexture example:

Here’s the script: … Texture.js

Need to add page interaction in 3DDDDDDD :astonished:

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Have you considered publishing the Atomic Game Engine under the GPL or LGPL, to allow free use by open source games? This engine quite interests me, but I want to develop a fully free game. This licensing model would allow you to still make money by selling licenses (licensing exceptions) for proprietary games, but users will be able to create fully FLOSS games.

Note that you will probably need to add a GPL exception to link to OpenSSL, if you want to do this.

Thanks in advance for considering this. :slight_smile:


@Calinou: Thanks, 100% of the code in deployed games is MIT (or BSD/Apache/etc) which is compatible with (L)GPL code and pretty much every other license out there. I have considered “dual licensing” the editor code, however the (L)GPL wouldn’t be my first choice as those licenses have a ton of baggage and are difficult to parse.

The community edition of Atomic will continue to be full source and absolutely free. We also offer free Pro licenses to contributors including all third party technology used…

The current licensing seems to be working out pretty well, please note we have been working fulltime on Atomic for over a year now and have put all of our personal finances into the effort.

If you’re primary concern is being fully FLOSS, end to end, I can wholeheartedly recommend Urho3D as the best choice around :slight_smile:

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A couple of neat things with the new UIWebView, first playing a example on a 3D web texture:

… and TypeScript loaded in the new code editor (Ace/UIWebView), which supports themed syntax highlighting, code folding, autocomplete, basic linting, etc. It also has support for pretty much every common language JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, etc

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We pushed a new binary Dev Snapshot, here are some update notes:

  • High performance Chromium WebView with 2D, 3D, and UI support (
  • New integrated JavaScript/TypeScript code editor based on Ace (
  • New Water Shader, Multi-tab Web Browser, Atomic Drive-in, and Web Texture examples
  • Updated ToonTown example with dynamic physics, improved lighting, and object placement
  • Added scripting support for raycasting in 3D
  • Added UI Debugger to the Developer tools menu for debugging UI layout, batching, and event tracking
  • Support for mixing realtime shadows with lightmaps, currently D3D9/11 only (thanks @mattbenic)
  • Added Asset Database scan/force import to Developer Debug menu
  • Added TSLint to the build process (thanks @shaddockh)
  • Support for EngineConfig in Atomic Player (thanks @mattbenic)
  • Fixed issue with 0 size files in deployment (thanks @mattbenic)
  • Fixed issue with UIView and UITabContainer resizing
  • Fix for TMXLayer2D SharedPtr issue (thanks @rsredsq)
  • Build in parallel with multiple jobs when using xcodebuild
  • Mac and Windows Atomic Editor binaries are now code signed

3D WebView Scene Example

Basic Water Shader Example

Google Maps in the UIWebView Multi-tab browser example

Star Wars!

Download information is available in our forum here: … apshots/p1


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