Atomic Game Engine (MIT Urho3D Fork)


Been working on Atomic’s C# scripting, things are going well :slight_smile:

Here’s some video of an XNA port in progress, 100% C# and quite fast :open_mouth:


  • Josh


Working on a scene lightmap generation tool, here’s a look at an ambient occlusion bake. The lightmap UV generation and packing is quite good and uses Thekla’s library from “The Witness”

I made a really quick video of the Atomic Editor C# integration with Visual Studio, including debugging and edit continue. The editor and command line tooling is able to generate solutions on the fly and parse NET assemblies for component inspector information:


  • Josh


This is some amazing work. Do c# bindings work on linux? Mono guys sadly forgotten linux people and their bindings work only on osx and windows.


The initial cut of C# support is being worked out on Windows/VS2015, with OSX/Linux to follow, and then Android/iOS. Microsoft bought Xamarin and all indications are that NETCore is the future. It will be interesting to see how Mono factors into that future, stuff takes time :slight_smile:


I recorded a brief video talking about building from source and C# scripting with Visual Studio :slight_smile:

Making good progress on the “Glow” tool as well, which uses Embree for AO/Radiosity lightmap baking and Thekla’s atlas packing from “The Witness”

The 1.6 update went pretty smoothly and the code structure is in line with core Urho sources with changed/addition blocks clearly noted. So, it should be easier to move code between projects as well.

  • Josh

In-game static lightmap baking with automatic UV generation

Got the C# scripting working on Android with easy debugging and deployment from Visual Studio. I’ll hooking up Xamarin Studio for mobile too, it already works for desktop.

Performance is very good. There’s still some polish that needs doing and then plan on getting it working with iOS :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

Been working hard on C# support, now running on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS :slight_smile:

Here’s a short video of running on iPad and iPhone

… and running on a NVidia Shield

A significant amount of effort has gone into a project generator for C# projects. The shot below is a VS2015 solution with both Desktop and Android support, you can switch and run between either included debugging. The solution pictured is also a “development solution”, in that it includes source versions of the AtomicNET assemblies to make it easy to work on/trace through AtomicNET itself.

In a binary/redistributable build of the editor, AtomicNET is simply referenced binary assemblies from the editor installation, so you would only see the “AtomicProject” projects. The Xamarin stack also supports going out to iOS from VS and Windows, so that will be included as well.

There is also support for Xamarin Studio on OSX and Linux, here is the solution from the video above with unified platform support between Desktop, Android, and iOS :slight_smile:

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I finally got a chance to build Atomic and played around with a bit. You’ve done an awesome job with this!

I noticed that you even have a web browser that integrates CEF! Had I known you had already done this, I wouldn’t have integrated it myself.

Looking forward to going through rest of your stuff, and keep up the good work with Atomic!


Hello! We’ve released the Atomic Game Engine 2016 Video Reel :slight_smile:

Atomic has been a lot of work these last 2 years. The Urho object and event system, graphics api, and third party integrations have proven an amazing foundation to build on! A big thanks to the Urho3D project and happy impending new year to all :smiley:

  • Atomic Josh


You guys are doing an excellent job with AGE. While I’m still on Urho3D as my base, I did take a peek at the latest release! Looks good! I was even able to compile on Mac using CLion with no issues, however on Windows I wasn’t able to get CLion to compile as nicely the first time. Visual Studio however compiled as expected. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


AGE recently received patches that allow using engine through cmake add_subdirectory(). So now you can have engine and game code in separate repositories, easily hack on them both and in case you would wish to contribute back - engine changes would not be intermingled with your game code commits.

Example usecase:
It is as simple as:

git clone --recursive cd ShaderSketch cmake make


Hi Jenge, great to see that u are supporting C# big time.

I hope u are aware that WinOnARM is coming Q4 2017, many .Net developers are looking for a non Unity3D option that will work in UWP XAML interop way.

I know this is a ridiculous feedback, pls keep going.

If u have plan to contribute to make Urho3D VS2015 or VS2017 compile to ARM, for W10M or WinOnARM, u will make Christmas to many in .NET.

WinOnARM has been demo with high speed LTE, support Native Win10 ARM and Win32 under emulation.
We need Urho3D to have VS2017 ARM native lib. Are u aware what are the challenges to make the Arm lib?