Basic wiki page

Today i added some content to the wiki, with basics, tutorials from forums, basic software…
Does you think about ? :confused:

Looks good from a quick observation, and should be easy to expand. The “Utils” section maybe needs to be renamed to something else, as it’s not about actual utilities, but can’t say directly what it should be called.

Links to the github site are a bad idea until we can find a way to get deterministic paths. You might get lucky with the links you have there.

It looks like our wiki page is as good as dead, again. @Mike, I am still waiting for your asset import/export for Blender wiki pages :smiley:

In the meantime reattiva has done an awesome work on his blender exporter and has included a documentation, options are self-explanatory and there are warnings at export to help you tweak the settings. And IMO the exporter is now fully operational, I rely on it exclusively and you can easily tweak the python files to match your custom folder logic.

I now think we shouldn’t waste time with the Wiki and instead focus on expanding examples with more real-life cases, relying on prefabs when possible, improving documentation (by adding more details and references, especially for 2D) and adding more shaders/materials.

I propose to disable the Wiki page on GitHub if it continues not to have any contents but links. We can reenable it later when someone come along with the contents request for it.

Yes, good idea. If the wiki doesn’t take traction, then it doesn’t, and we have a somewhat duplicate Code Exchange forum section anyway.

One week has passed and still no wiki contents. No one appears to object the proposal also. So, we have disabled the Wiki option for now.