BCM - appointed Arnis Lielturks as one of urho org owner

Just for precaution, I have promoted Arnis’ role to org owner (same role as Lasse and me).

@Miegamicis sorry for not giving you a head up first. You may choose to keep the role or revert it back after the coronavirus outbreak is over. While you are assuming the role, you can do whatever you like. Me (and I believe Lasse too) do not want to turn on all the bells and whistles that we don’t have man power to maintain. But like I said, it is your call now. You are chosen because you are one of the core members that remains active and care about the project.


Thank you, I feel honoured to be a part of this amazing project. Although I have to admin that lately I just don’t have time to actively participate in it since my new role as a father takes most of my free time, but I believe it’s temporary and in the future I will have a chance to plan my free time a bit more (or maybe I’m just naive).

I have few ideas how we could move further with the engine, but that’s a topic for another discussion.