Best Place for Sample Code

The samples packaged are nice. But the ones I need to see working, don’t work (i.e. Custom Shader example).

Where is the best place to go looking for sample Urho projects (where we can just download a zip file, unpack it and see it compile/run out-of-box) ??

We are using UrhoSharp for Xamarin Forms, and so these are best. But we can also learn from regular Urho3d projects too (so long as the UrhoSharp wrapper is complete). So far, we’re having difficulty finding many example projects online.

A Custom Shader example is what we need first/now.

You can download latest source from Github. Then use CMake GUI tool --> configure using visual studio option --> then build it, . After that you can use visual studio to build the library and samples. Then you can run samples.

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