Better Shadows and Shaders Available for Android?

Hey gang,

It’s been a while since I experimented some project with Android build and now I’m trying it out again. Tested some samples and the build process worked flawlessly. Now I was wondering how can I improve shadow rendering or quality and what available shaders that can be used.

I have tried it with emulator and my new android phone which runs most recent 2D/3D games. Using the default player with as scripts.


I was able to sort out with snowwar to get to default quality by omitting android for experiment and it works ok…

// On mobile devices render the shadowmap first. Also adjust the shadow quality for performance String platform = GetPlatform(); if (platform == "iOS" || platform == "Raspberry Pi") { renderer.reuseShadowMaps = false; renderer.shadowQuality = SHADOWQUALITY_LOW_16BIT;