Better way to edit or create new shaders with existing urho3d shaders

So I have a lot of background in shaders. I’m looking to implement some of my shaders I made, for Irrlicht engine a few years ago.

I have looked at this:

Right now all I do is open a shader in Notepad++ and add to it.

It is just a pain to try an setup all the includes and other files that urho3d shaders use. I just want a way to keep it close to Urho that way when I implement the shader in Urho I don’t have to make all these tweaks to the shader.

Well guess their is no better way of making shaders for Urho3d other than notepad++.

Pretty much. You could check out Dev-Workflow ( Urho3D <-> blender ) used in GGJ2020 and see if you can salvage any of it.