Big Fat Open Source Music Library

Hi, Guys. I’m working on developing a Big Fat Open Source Music Library for game developers, youtubers, animators etc. Check out the campaign page and demo music. Show your support at Indiegogo campaign to make this a huge asset to our community if not then at least share this to help me reach wider audience.

Have a Nice Day ahead.

Indiegogo Link:

I do support your idea, mentally and by heart… but sorry, I’m not going to pay your tuition money.
First of all I’m not sure what open source means when the term is applied to music. I think potential backers will be interested in your licensing model. If it’s not CC-BY(-SA), or a similar license, I - for one - cannot use it. Unfree media license makes for an unfree game… and I that would be unLucKey. Check out the definition of free cultural works if you want to know more.
Also, do you know the Free Music Archive and the Internet Archive?

PS: Shuffle chose to play the song Brad Sucks - Dropping out of School while writing this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also also… you may want to fix that PayPal link. :slight_smile:
It should look something like this:

i came to read this post thinking that there were several files MIDIs or VSTs based for games.
#sad :frowning:

thanks for your reply.

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