Blender to Urho3D Scene

Have anyone used the Blender .fbx exporter for importing to the Urho3D editor? I’m trying to transfer between the two with the most minimum of labor.

The Steps

  1. Create a blender scene or dummy scene then export in .FBX format with Z-Forward and Y-Up?
    2/ Use Blender-Urho3d Exporter to transfer over models and texture
  2. Reload and reset textures in the Urho3d editor

The problem I am having because of the various coordinates system being used the output from the 1st step always have some rotation in the Urho3D editor.
I don’t think the output coordinates of step 1 and 2 match.

Chris has written a detailed tutorial at :wink:
Now, with Urho3D Blender add-on you can easily deal with orientation by setting the “Front view” option in the export panel and there is no need to export to FBX.