Blender's Empty and bone rotation

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I still work on this project : I’m OK with the serial input, inheriting the Thread class. It works very well, thanks for your assist :slight_smile:

So as to rotate the character’s head with the Blender’s Game Engine, we used a trick with an empty. The Bone “Tete” can’t rotate without being constrained.
The bone has a “copy rotation” constraint on an Empty, else it can’t rotate.
Maybe this picture can help :

I tested rotate this bone with Urho, but as in Blender’s Engine, it doesn’t move. I tried to rotate some other bones which is ok.

Before try to code a solution that could’nt work, I try to have a tip here.
Is there a way to do the same trick with Urho (I don’t work with scripts, only C++) ?

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Hi nicos, mb you need just use manual control for selected bone ?
there is simple example:


animModel_ = node_->GetComponent<AnimatedModel>();
boneCenter_ = animModel_->GetSkeleton().GetBone("ThereIsNameOfBoneForManualRotate");
boneCenter_->animated_ = false; // turn-off animation for this bone for manual control 


boneCenter_->node_->LookAt(EmptyNode.position, Vector3:UP, TS_WORLD);

Thanks codingmonkey !

It woooooorks ! ! !

We’ve got a sentence in France, that can resume myself :
“Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqu?”
“Why make it simple when you can make it complicated”

Miss the neck, vertices et weigh problems on export from blender. I hope I’ll fix it by myself, without disturbing anyone.

Thank you :slight_smile: