Bolderline : shape matching puzzle mobile game

Platform : Android
Status : 60%
Description :
Bolderline is heavily inspired from Two Fold Inc & Tetris.

You have blocks area in top section of screen. It will spawns various shape of blocks.

Your objective is to destroy these blocks before they reach top of screen. You must match the shape of block using boxes in the bottom.

Gameplay demo on device:


Very simple aesthetic, but executed well !

I’ve seen a few other Urho projects that were equally simple in aesthetic, but could take note of the difference a pleasing colour palette can make.

It’s a slow progress. Had a thought to abandon this game. But, at beginning of this year, I decided to continue this game. Almost 90% complete. Hope I can release it this month.


Hey guys,

Finally I’ve just released this game on Google Play. I decided to release it in beta first to get some feedback & suggestions.
Link :

Thank you.

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Awesome :smiley: I just installed this on my phone and tried a game briefly, I loved it. Will play around with it more when I’m chanced this weekend.

Nice work

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Played a bit, worked without trouble / ran smoothly. Good work!

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everything good. it’s hard to play. and need to show hint to user when gamer has no idea what should to do.

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Finally, I made it to full release. So far, I haven’t got any technical report from testers. I’m satisfied with Urho3D stability. It’s a bit challenging to integrate Google Play Service, IAP, & Admob, but I’m managed to do it. :slight_smile:
Here’s the link to playstore


I really like it but it’s extremely hard :smiley: Maybe you should make the elements falling slower , use landscape mode (i found it really inconvenient holding the phone with one hand and moving my thumb at the same time).Also i think the complex shapes and the padlocks show up too early and ruins the gameplay too quickly.

Otherwise the gameplay/graphics/sound are 10/10 !

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