Bone animation not exportin from blender, used reattiva

[size=50]I am trying to export an animated model from blender to urho3d, using reattiva/Urho3D-Blender Blender-Urho3d exporter.
The animation is done using bones.
Somehow there is an error in animation export and no .ani file is been made.
I am using blender 2.74
Armature armature has no animation to export.[/size]

[size=120]Never mind SOLVED… The animation type was to be set “Timeline” in Exporter Animation Options[/size]

But I still would like to know nitties of animation in blender (in perspective to urho export) and what other way are there to do so like usin assimp with fbx.
Pointing to right way of animating bones for export.

can anyone please help?